Annoying neighbors some ppl have…

Well, I think I’m hooked on coffee now. I actually bought some Nescafe Gold blend or whatever it’s called. It came with free samplers so I figured why not? I’ll need caffeine in the future to keep me up when I try to write essays and stuff.

Sat in the freezing library today for three hours. Got some stuff done for my essay. And now I’ve written a bit over 200 words of it. So I’m on the right track. But I still have to write portfolio stuff at the same time. Hmm… well, hopefully I’ll at least get one of them done before I leave. I can then mail in the other. Don’t really want to mail in both…

I subscribe to this newsletter, right? I usually just skip the bits where ppl send in e-mails and stuff to Carmen (the woman who runs the site and newsletter, etc). But this one link caught my eye. Seriously, some people have way too much time on their hands. See the musical blinking Christmas lights!

Anywayz, I guess I should go back to doing school stuff.. now that I’ve had my caffeine boost and all.

coffee, Christmas lights, essays

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1 Response to Annoying neighbors some ppl have…

  1. leth says:

    Hahaha that’s hilarious, and also quite amazing that someone would go to that much effort to look tacky.

    Would be quite lost without the music though…


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