Icky black goop has taken over my shower mat

Not nice at all. We’ve got an inspection on Tuesday and this time they check the bedrooms as well as the kitchen. So I figured I might as well clean my bathroom today and then do the vacuuming and tidying up tomorrow. The sink and the toilet were easy enough. Just spray and then rinse. Same went for the shower walls. But the shower mat.. the underside of it is covered in black goop! I sprayed some of the same cleaning stuff I used everywhere else but it didn’t work. So I resorted to scraping & rubbing it off with my fingers. Really messed up my nails. And my finger hurts now. ;_;

On the bright side, I finished my Woolf essay! o/ Go me. *grin*
Next, the portfolio. Seems a whole lot managable now that the essay’s done.

cleaning, shower, goop

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