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I am done! o/
No, not with my second portfolio, you silly people. With my Isabella. Bound it off last night. Okay, so I still need to weave in the ends, block it and seam it together, but it’s done. Of course, since it’s a tank top, I can’t actually wear it until it gets a hell of a lot warmer (even in my room where I’ve got the radiator on full blast, I have to wear socks and a sweater when I usually just hang out in a T-shirt and sweats).

And I sort of am done with my portfolio. To get to the very minimum limit I need another 20 words. But I’m waiting for my tutor to send me the handout for next week’s seminar so I can include that into the portfolio as well.
Oh, and I got my other portfolio back. A First!! I’ve never gotten a first from anything at Aber. Sure, in Montana it was pretty much straight As in Creative Writing because I’m brilliant that way, but over here, it’s always been a 2.1. A solid 2.1., never even attempting to stray over into the First category.
It was this news that got me working on this portfolio again. I had kinda given up because I was so annoyed at it, but the Cute Teacher really really liked it, so that gave me the push to make this portfolio good too. Positive reinforcement works. ^_^

Still nervous about tomorrow. Not as nervous as I was earlier in the week, though. It’s kinda settled down into a low hum.
Practiced for four hours yesterday and by the end of it, my feet were not happy. No clue how they’ll survive tomorrow when it’s a whole day of dancing in heels.
Right now, we’re thinking of competing in six events: Beginners’ Waltz, Quickstep, Chacha, Jive and Rumba, and the open Rock’N’Roll. We haven’t actually practised the Rock’N’Roll together, so we might not do that one. Am still bringing a possible outfit for it though, just in case.
The Rock’N’Roll is fun; I was dancing that with Luke (the guy who looks like Ron Weasley [not Rupert Grint, but the Ron I had in my head before the movies came out]). We also did some Rumba and Waltz. Gotta say, he’s gotten better since the first time we danced together. More confident and is able to sorta lead now. 🙂

What else… went to buy food stuff for tomorrow; the weather was just awful. Pouring down rain for a few minutes then stopping for a bit before continuing. Then coming back, as soon as I got to the Prom, it felt like there was a wall of wind pushing me backwards. Not fun, especially when the wind makes it hard to breathe.
I don’t really mind rain in itself, I actually like it, but only when I’m indoors and can watch/listen to it. When I’m out in it and it’s not summer? Nuh uh. It makes my hair go all wonky too. Sorta curls up awkwardly and I can’t get it to stay down.

Finally did some handwashing. Kinda had to since I ran out of warm handknit socks to wear to bed.
I had really strange dreams last night. I remember waking up twice; once around four and the other time around seven. Not too sure why or what I dreamed of, but I do remember being annoyed at being cold and thinking that that was an odd dream.

I kinda feel like watching Pearl Harbor or Titanic right now. No idea why. I guess I’m just in the mood for a really long love story movie. *shrugs*

I want to knit socks. But I also want to completely finish off Isabella. And finish the row I started on my shawl. And make some Twinkletoes for Jade… oh the choices. Hmm, I’ll probably wind up doing all of those at some point tonight.

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