It’s back…

I’m sick again. And I know why. It’s because there is no friggin’ heat in the building!
Okay, after the gas leak they had to turn it off. I get that. But apparently they’ve tried turning it back on and now it doesn’t work. Grr.
So now that means I can’t shower because of the lack of hot water. I don’t like cold showers on the best of days and now that I’ve got another cold, I’m not risking it.
I slept in a lot of layers last night. As in I’m used to sleeping in just a T-shirt/tank top and pyjama bottoms (sometimes not even that) and last night? A turtleneck, sweater, sweatpants, gym socks and wool socks on top of that. And yet I’ve still got a cold. *rolls eyes*
I’m vascillating on going to class today or not. Granted, I’ve only got four hours a week. But my voice is pretty much gone. If I go, it’ll just be to sit there and listen. Or I could just stay in here (in the cold no less) and drink a lot of honey tea and hope that I get at least a bit better before tomorrow. I could e-mail my teacher saying that I’m sick and if he could just e-mail me back with this week’s handout, I’ll do that assignment for next week.

I’ve got three hours to decide, so for now, I’m listening to L&V and continuing knitting Christmas presents. 🙂

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