Early, early riser is me

The things I do for him… I woke up 45 minutes ago because I need to be in front of the train station by 4 am. Leaving in 15 minutes.
Dani, the Team Captain, called me last night at nine. Said that there’s been a change of plans. We’re leaving thirty minutes earlier. Fun stuff.
I’m cold. I think it’s because of the lack of sleep. Only had like three-four hours. And all this because I want to see Oliver today.
I just ran into Tom. He hasn’t been to bed yet. He did have some weird stripes on his cheek though, so I assume there was a theme party somewhere out on the town.
I’d better be able to sleep on the minibus. I’m bringing a pillow.

I just noticed that I write really short sentences. Maybe it’s all my poor little sleep-deprived brain can handle right now.

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