Going home!

Yes, it seems like I travel a lot. Which I kinda do, now that I think about it.
Anyway, I have just bought my train tickets to go home in four weeks time. ^_^
I wonder if Mocca still remembers me. I’m pretty sure she does. The last time I called home and Jaz called out to Mocca saying that I’m on the phone, Mocca apparently ran to the front door and then my room door looking for me. How big has she gotten? I’ve been told that she’s been put on a diet. Tsk tsk for them feeding her table scraps.
*sigh* Now I want my own dog. Well, I guess I’ll get one soon enough. I mean, Oliver and I are planning on getting one at some point. But I want us to have a house first so the dog’ll have lots of space to move around. Especially since I prefer the bigger breeds, like a German Shepherd, while Oliver would rather have a teeny tiny Italian Greyhound. For now, we’ve compromised on a Norwegian Elkhound.

What else… Oh yes, I’ve gotten some presents blocked, now I just need to wrap them up. Don’t have any wrapping paper though. Guess I’ll just wait until I get home and see what they’ve got there. Again, I can’t say what I’ve got done, just in case the recipient happens to read my blog.
I’ve finished up all of the L&V yarn, now I’m onto the Violet’s Pink Ribbon on the shawl. So far, it looks … interesting.

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