Juice is good

Decided not to go to class. Feeling pretty icky. So I’ll just sit here, drink a lot of tea and orange juice and hopehopehope that I’m better tomorrow. I’ve e-mailed my teacher, sent him this week’s assignment and asked him to e-mail me the task for next week.
I figure that I can miss one class, especially since I *always* go to class unlike some of the other students I know. The latest excuse that I heard?
“But I always go to the (something I can’t remember what) and of course, I drink when I go, so all of Tuesday is spent in bed recovering.”
Geez. You’re paying tons of money in tuition and accommodation and you can’t drag your ass to class for four hours a week because you’d rather party??? Ugh. People like that annoy me. I feel like they don’t want to learn and are just dragging the rest of us down who actually do the work and show up every week. *rolls eyes*

On the bright side, the heating’s back on. I’m so looking forward to showering tonight. Makes the icky go away. 😀

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