Lots of Shoppertunities in Meadowhall – well, there would be if I had money

I caved in and installed Open For Business yesterday. So far running the Delarosa flower business is easy enough. I saw a fear that I’ve never encountered before: Be Old and Never Married. But it went away the next time she got up, so it’s not gonna ruin her life when she becomes an elder.
Now that I’ve had a bit of practice, I can get my regular Sims to have businesses and stuff. XD

Went out to Meadowhall with Ryan today. We were looking for a b-day present for Shaun. Well, he was, I was just there. We stopped by The Body Shop and I just fell in love with the Almond Body Butter they do. I wants! But I can’t buy any. Only have like £30 left in my current account. All of the visa application fees and stuff just kinda crept up on me and now I have practically nothing left. Gotta wait until my parents pay me back before I can buy anything.
I sampled some of the Body Butter at the store and some of the scent is still left on my arm. I just made Oliver smell it and he doesn’t like it. So I guess I won’t be buying that specific one while I’m still around him. Maybe there’s some other scented body butter that he won’t mind as much..

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1 Response to Lots of Shoppertunities in Meadowhall – well, there would be if I had money

  1. Julia says:

    Personally, I didn’t like the strawberry one. Nor the blueberry. The papaya wasn’t that bad though. Ideally, I’d be the one who picks out the scent of the stuff. That way a repeat of last year’s perfume won’t happen. ^-^


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