Finding places and squirting blood…

Spent the day driving around with Oliver’s dad. He drove, I read the map and found the houses he needed to get the interviews. Not that he actually got any interviews, but still. It was fun. Saw this really pretty place where you can just go wander around. There was this rock that looks like a toad’s mouth. XD
Anyway, I’m gonna suggest it to Ryan that we go walk around there while Oliver is at work. Since Oliver doesn’t want to go camping (something Ryan and I are very interested in) so just something similar to it that we could do during the day instead. In theory, Oliver has nothing against just me and Ryan going camping just the two of us, but I am going home soon so he doesn’t want to lose any time that we’ve got left.

Gave blood yesterday. One of the questions they asked before I donated was: “Are you pregnant? Have you had a child in the past 9 months?”
Me: o_O;; “….. I hope not!”
Wouldn’t be good if I’d had a child in the past 9 months and somehow not notice and therefore have lost it. o_o
Then when the nurse tried to find the perfect vein in my arm, she chose a side vein which apparently squirted out a lot of blood down my arm. I didn’t notice this. She saw some of it and wiped it away but didn’t get all of it. So when I had donated and was getting some refreshments to get some sugar into my body the nurse over at that side of the donation clinic gasped and asked: “What happened?!” It wasn’t until then that the rest of the blood was cleaned up. XD

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1 Response to Finding places and squirting blood…

  1. Krisi says:

    Squirting blood??? eeek! i don’t think i would be a good blood doner probably cause my blood wouldn’t be the best choice cause i got allergies and what not..and secondly nurses ALWAYS have a hard time finding a suitable vein..they’ve never been able to take a blood test from me in one go…yeah no fun… No but i totally agree that people should donate blood!


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