So sleepy..

Hmm, I probably should go to bed now. But I figured that I should update to let people know that I haven’t disappeared off of the face of the earth. Oliver just didn’t have a working computer while I was over there.

89 spam comments. Ridiculous, I tell you. *shakes head*

Well, I got back to Aber today. I was supposed to take the 8:53 train from Sheffield, but I missed it because of a truck or something had turned over on the parkway and there was loads of traffic on the alternative route we chose and yada yada yada. So basically I spent an hour and a half at Birmingham and didn’t get in until 3:20. Two hours later than planned.

And I’m still sick. 😦
Oliver gave me a cold and I spent the whole of last week going through tissues. By Saturday I thought I’d gotten over it, but on Monday I got the sore throat back. Still have it and I’m not done with the tissues yet. So I’m going to the doctor’s tomorrow. Just in case. I want to be healthy when I take my exams. If I get to take them that is. This strike action is annoying. I want to know what I got for my essays and portfolio! Grades are important to me.

And I got a letter from my bank saying that they have to send papers and stuff to my permanent address instead of sending it here when online banking is concerned. Which means they want to send it to Finland. I don’t live in Finland! Another thing to clear up tomorrow… urgh.

But, on a brighter note, I’ve made plans to see movies with Gabe. Yay. Get to see “Wilde”, something Oliver didn’t want to see with me. A nice change from Stargate. And now that I’m back in Aber, I can watch Desperate Housewives and Friends again too. ^_^

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1 Response to So sleepy..

  1. Julia says:

    Actually, “Wilde” is about Oscar Wilde’s life with Stephen Fry starring in it. I think you’re thinking about the new Disney movie..


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