An actual author commented on my blog!!!

I got a comment by John Sam Jones!!! *giddy*
He’s the guy who wrote Fishboys of Vernazza and he signed my copy when he came to give a lecture about it. This is so cool! o/

So far, I still have 1400 words or so to go on my essay, but it’s getting easier to write it now that I’ve gotten into the swing of things. On the downside, I’ve been talking to a load of people and we’ve all chosen the same question. I want to make my essay different from theirs. I like being original.
At least for my portfolio I was told that it was really interesting to read and if I had more time to work on my pieces, they’d be really good. Last semester my grade was 68, now I got a 61… it’s a different teacher, so it’s possible that my way of writing just appealed to my American teacher more than it does to this Welsh one. *shrugs* Not too worried about it though. 🙂

John Sam Jones, Fishboys of Vernazza, essays, creative writing

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  1. Gabez says:

    FACT: Robert Wringhim is in fact a homosexual with the Oedipus complex (check out a book called a Pscyhoanalytic Study of Doubles in Literature if you don’t believe me!)


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