Random rambling before class..

Nice dark nails. Decided that today I’m finally going to paint my nails and I chose “Redcurrant Jelly”. I feel like me again. It’s been so weird going for a whole year without dark nail polish. All I had with me were these really light colors. So while I was in Belgium I bought two Maybeline polishes: Redcurrant Jelly and Baby Doll. ^_^

For some strange reason none of the plugs in the kitchen work. Yesterday they were fine but today.. nada. Really weird. I’m gonna go tell the ppl at the reception about it if someone already hasn’t. I don’t get any tea without working plugs in the kitchen.. ;_;
I wonder if the stove’s affected as well..

Well, my personal tutor just got back to me about the US Exchange Program. If I want to go on an exchange then it’ll have to be to a uni on their list. And it’s only for a semester. So the next thing I need to think about is do I still want to go, which one and which semester.. Probably the first semester because it’d be football season over there during that time. ^-^

I should be getting my own comp in two weeks! o/ And this time I know I’m getting it because I’ll actually go into a store and buy it. XD
Sims 2 awaits!

Urgh.. we’re starting The Rape of the Lock today.. so not looking forward to writing the essay about it.
The Wordsworth essay doesn’t sound that appealing either.
And before either of those are due I’ve got to hand in a portfolio. Which is over half way done. Still need to write the bibliography and about 800 more words to my story. The commentary bit is done. ^-^

nail polish, defective plugs, exhange program, essays

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