Disturbing awakenings..

I have no idea why, but the last two mornings I’ve woken up because I was crying. Not just tears flowing down my cheeks, but the really violent crying that makes me double-over and shake.. It’s so strange. And I have no idea what I had been dreaming about that made me cry. It’s like when I wake up, totally confused. No idea what’s going on. Really strange..

Well, not much else has happened. Been researching and writing my essay. Have about 650 words now. Going down into town today.. actually I should get going now. Need to eat and look for that drying thingy before I go over to the Old College to sign up as backstage crew.. possibly audition for a minor role if the play interests me. There’s no need to prepare anything so I could do it just on a whim. Speaking of that, I guess I should first find out what it’s about. ^^;;

crying, dreams, play, audition

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