Pimsleur again..

So now we’ve got the German, Russian and Japanese discs of Pimsleur.. All are quite good.
Russian seems to bee the easiest to pronounce. Go figure. For some reason I almost say gazpacho every time I’m supposed to say Mrs. (gezpajra?).. And if my mind starts to wander while doing a lesson, I might say the word they’re asking for in the wrong language. So I gotta stay focused.
Japanese has too many words that sound the same. But it’s still fun to learn. I’ve only done one lesson of that so far and I can only remember watashi, eigoga, iie, hai and sumimasen. It’ll all come back to me when I’ll do the next lesson. I hope. ^-^

Pimsleur, languages, Russian, German, Japanese

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1 Response to Pimsleur again..

  1. Julia says:

    Erm.. I dunno what I was thinking when I started the third language. ^-^;;
    I mean, I’ve studied German in school for 3 years so the Pimsleur isn’t teaching me *that* much new stuff, it’s mainly to work on my pronounciation.
    Japanese was borrowed from the library for a friend and I decided to see what it was like..
    Russian? Just felt like it. XD

    And nope, I don’t live in a country where they’re spoken natively. While I was in Brussels, I rarely encountered German and in Finland only a handful of students were Russian.. so I’m just doing this for the hell of it.
    I don’t *need* to know these languages.. I just want to learn ’em.

    Good luck with your Chinese! (It’s on my list of languages to learn.. after Arabic)…


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