Behind in German…

Haven’t listened to Pimsleur’s German for a few days. Tsk tsk. But at least we’re one ninth done. They had us repeat the one of the worst sentences ever: “jetzt nichts essen”. I can’t do that in the normal speed one’d use in a conversation. The different S sounds are too confusing. Just like back in school when I first learned the word Franzözich. For me, that’s incredibly difficult to pronounce.
The two on the CD having the conversation.. they’re funny. The guy’s trying to find out when the two of them could go out to eat together. The woman suggests a time and the guy always says: “No not then. An hour later?” Well, he susbstitutes the hour later part with the actual time he’s suggesting. At one point the woman obviously gets frustrated and says: “You don’t understand German!” Which just promts the man to ask again does she want to go eat with him. *rolls eyes*
They’re really rude too. Keep inviting themselves over to the other person’s place for a drink or to eat. That’s not something one’d do in normal circumstances. It’s impolite to invite oneself over to another’s home. Or maybe it’s different in Germany.. doubt it though.
At least Pimsleur works. I can remember everything they’ve taught me. At least I think I can. Still feels like we’re going way too slowly, but I am learning things. ^_^ Just too bad that they’re so expensive. Hopefully they’ve got Pimsleur stuff in the libraries in Aberystwyth. I want to continue learning.

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  1. Krisi says:

    OOh you learning German through cds? I tried one french cd once and it was ok but things just don’t tend to stick! I have a very selective memory! I remember the most useless stuff sometimes..


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