First time drunk, first time hungover..

I do not like being hungover. Seriously, the headache.. no matter how much fun I had at the BBQ, it’s not worth the results the next day. Now I’m fine though. Yesterday.. meh. According to Ryan, I looked like I was dying when we were in Meadowhall. Once we got back to Oliver’s and I got to lie down, I was fine. So now I know, I need a whole day to recover from a night of drinking. The problem was that we didn’t know how much alcohol there was in Sangria or white wine & lemonade. Oliver drank more than I did.. but he wasn’t as affected as I was. Faster metabolism even though he weighs less.
It was actually quite fun being drunk. Talking to Ray was quite interesting. And I did know at the time that I was drunk. So next time, I won’t wear high heels. Because I was really wobbly on the way back. I feel sorry for Oliver’s mom who had to support both me and Oliver when we were walking. I managed to trip in the driveway and I caught hold of the small concrete wall to stop myself from totally falling flat on my face. Really scratched up the skin on my right arm. Still hurts a bit. But at the time, didn’t feel a thing. Just thought it was funny.
Being drunk is a bit like whenever Jaz and I get our giggle fests. No one else understands what’s so funny, but we can’t stop laughing to explain why we’re in stitches.
What I don’t get is why they kept filling my glass when they saw that I was drunk. I never asked for a refill, they just kept pouring me more. Then there was the fact that Oliver kept saying: “Oh go on.. where’s your sense of adventure?” while someone was going around with the pitcher. So I wound up drinking at least 3 Sangrias (about 2 dl each) and 2 white wine & lemonades. *shakes head* Ah well. This doesn’t mean that I won’t drink anymore, just not that much. I’ll limit myself to one or two drinks. That’s it.
Amazingly enough, I can remember a lot of what went on at the BBQ. I wouldn’t have thought that I could, seeing how drunk I was. At least I didn’t throw up or blackout. So all in all, it was a fun BBQ, even if the ones serving the drinks were a bit irresponsible letting me drink that much. I remember telling them that it was my first time drunk and apologizing a lot for my behaviour. I think I was the youngest one there. One plus point about being drunk is that you stop feeling the cold. At around 10 o’clock I was thinking that maybe I should quickly nip back to Oliver’s to get my coat but I decided to wait until I felt like I really needed the coat. By the time I probably would’ve needed the coat, I was too drunk to feel temperature changes. It’s amazing I’m not sick with the flu right now.
I just hate to think of the damage I did to my liver that night. Which is another reason why I’m gonna limit myself from now on.

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1 Response to First time drunk, first time hungover..

  1. Krisi says:

    You were drunk??!! Man i wish I would of been there!! Its fun to drink once in a while! 😉 Though its fun just being a bit tipsy too! Probably cause it would cost loads for me to get drunk… 🙂


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