Where's the leg?!

110205 - missing leg

This is us doing the Viennese Waltz last Saturday at the Sheffield Social. And thanks to my camera having its settings wonky (I was messing around with it and didn’t put it back to normal before I had to go dance), a lot of the pictures came out blurry. But, occasionally, the blurriness created cool effects, like missing limbs and Monet-esque photos. So now my partner has no left leg. XD
(For those of you on Facebook who have me as a friend, I’ve just uploaded a bunch over there if you want to see more.)
And we won stuff! The medals are gracing the mantelpiece above the fireplace, along with the rest of our dancing awards.

Then yesterday was NUDC. I went, but didn’t compete. I spent most of the day just watching the others dance and knitting. Which brings me to…. my Marilinda socks are done! Mostly thanks to yesterday when I finished the leg, completed the heel flap, heel turn and gusset decreases. Today was just knitting up the foot and toe.
I also knit on Annis, now that I’ve finally sorted out my bead situation. The ones I had originally planned to use were too small, so I found other beads that my crochet hook would fit through. My first choice beads were mainly blue with a few white, but now I’ve had to use blue, pink and hematite. The effect’s not quite what I had in mind, but it’s growing on me.

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