Teh kyoot!

100812 - teh kyoot

Look at the extremely cute stitch markers I just bought! Aren’t they just adorable?
On Saturday I was browing Ravelry, like I do almost every day, and saw a picture of these stitch markers in someone’s projects (I forget whose, I’m sorry!). They were in a different color. But the picture I saw didn’t have any info on where to buy them. So off to Google I went and found Atomic Knitting. They weren’t listed on the site, but found contact information and asked if it’d be possible to get a custom set. After a few e-mails back and forth, voila! They arrived on Tuesday. 😀

That knitting in the background is the Laminaria shawl. I’ve started the Blossom Chart. The rows now take awhile, so it’s slow going, but oh so worth it.

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