Owl Mittens

091213 - owl mittens 02 (1024x768)

See those up there? I designed those. And now, after they’ve been test knit by others, I’ve made the pattern available for you all for free. Because free is nice. And because I can’t claim that I came up with the idea for owl cables, as neat as that would be, so I didn’t feel right charging for the pattern.

The story behind these mittens started last November. I wanted to knit a pair for my youngest sister for Christmas in this lovely DK yarn that my LYS had. So I bought the yarn and figured that Ravelry would help me in finding an owl mitten pattern suitable for my gauge. No luck. But I really wanted to knit these, so I resigned myself to having to do math. To make sure that they would be worth my time, I e-mailed my sister with just this line: “You like owls, right?”
Her reply: “Yes? Your question scares me.”

So now, three months later, the pattern is ready. So go to the patterns page to get the link to the PDF or wait until I’ve figured out how to get it up on Ravelry as a free download. 🙂

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