Home home home!

Home again. Christmas is over. We went to O’s parents’ place for four nights. Already done two loads of laundry today. Need to get the cigarette smoke smell out. Also, their shower wasn’t working so washing my hair was no #1 on my to-do list when we got home. Felt a lot better afterwards. 🙂

I finished these socks (Kai-Mei by Cookie A) on Dec 19th, and I still don’t have a decent photo of them. Also? Noro was being uncooperative and had a knot in the middle of the skein, so my transitions are messed up. And they were almost identical until that knot showed up!

091226 - KaiMei

And to finish off this very short post (I’ve got another pair of socks on the go that I want to finish asap), lookie at what O’s parents got me for Christmas! Two hanks of Manos de Uruguay silk blend. 😀

091227 - manos

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