More chatter about dancing

No no no! NO.
That was my reaction when I heard that today’s class was cancelled. Why? Cancelled classes should be a good thing because it gives you free time, right? Well, it’s been rescheduled for Thursday afternoon. That’s when I’ve got dance practice! And with the competition on Saturday, I can’t afford to miss that practice especially since the stupid fencing people took the timeslot that we usually have on Wednesdays.
So, I’m seriously thinking about skipping that class. I’ve only missed one so far, so it’s not like it’s the end of the world. And I’ll e-mail him the work because it is already done.
Now I just need to convince Alan to skip his 3pm computer lecture thingy so we can practice for another hour…

I did get my first portfolio done yesterday. Now I could’ve left Friday morning to go to Sheffield. But there’s a practice session Friday night, which I am going to btw since we definitely need to practice, so now I’ve got to pay the £20 for the minibus fare instead of using up the other half of my train ticket. And travel winding country lanes at four in the morning. Bleh. I hope I don’t get nauseous like last time. We should be taking a different route though, so maybe there won’t be as many twists and turns…

Since I’ll be competing as well, I don’t know if I should bring my camcorder or not. I was going to tape Oliver dancing, but if I’m not with my equipment the whole time, I get paranoid that someone’ll steal it. I’m still bringing my camera though.

Eek, it’s so close! And I need to go buy food to eat on Saturday. Should I bring my pillow with me again?

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