Going back to school

And now I’m just waiting for my dad to show up with the car so that we can drive to Aberystwyth. I’ve been up since 6:45… Feeling a bit nauseous actually. Then again, that is how I always feel when I have to get up really early. But I think a part of it is nervous-ness as well. I still haven’t heard back from the Accommodation Office (I’ve e-mailed them twice, letting them know that I won’t be arriving until today). I have no idea where my dad is right now. I know that he was supposed to get off the ferry at four a.m. and according to Google, it should take about four hours to get here. Which means that he should be here right about now. So…

I’m going to go back to enjoying the last few moments of Oliver’s company before he goes to work now that he’s up.

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