Mini update about yarn and knitting

Went shopping today. Bought sock yarn from Joseph’s Coat. I’ve got 3 ounces of Brown Sheep Company’s Enchanted Forest for Jaz’s socks, 3 oz of Brown Sheep Company’s something (it’s a really awesome pink) for me and Lanett’s 100% superwash merino wool in Lavender for Jade’s socks.
To see pics of Jaz’s and Jade’s yarns, go here. Don’t have a pic of my bright pink yarn yet.

I also finished my second Pomatomus. I’ve also taken pics of those, my Diamante socks and my still unfinished Branching Out scarf (it’s real purdy and soft and squishy and I just love it!). That scarf will be awesome once it’s blocked.

Tomorrow, I’m going yarn shopping with Kerry and possibly Hanna as well. I’m going to buy yarn for a Kimono shawl from the Folk Shawls book. The one in the book was made out of 100% silk, but I’ll be using bamboo. 🙂 They’ve got really pretty bamboo yarn at Joseph’s Coat.
Then from the Knitwit Stitchery I might be getting yarn for a Clapotis. Haven’t quite decided on that yet. We’ll see.

And the reason for all of this sudden yarn shopping? I found a birthday card from my uncle that contained $100. So I want to spend that. Probably not all of it will be on yarn though. Possibly will get a pair of shorts or a t-shirt or something from the UM Bookstore. Get some Griz gear. I mean, I’ve got the sweats, but I’ve heard that their warm weather clothing is really comfy too.

knitting, Pomatomus, Diamante, Branching Out, shawls, socks, yarn

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