Tough choices

What to do, what to do?
I have found some really awesome looking yarn at It’s 100% Superfine Merino Superwash Hand Dyed Sock Yarn and I would just love to have it in Violet’s Pink Ribbon and Lime & Violet colorways. But Milk & Honey and Gingerpeach look just delicious as well!
It’s $16 per skein, 560 yds in a skein so really, it’s not a bad deal at all considering that it’s 100% merino wool that’s hand dyed and it’d probably cost me about the same to get that kind of quality from a local shop that doesn’t even have that pretty colors. The shipping is $1.59 for one skein, $2.55 for two, and three would be $4.00.
But how can I justify buying more yarn right now? How???? Agh, the choices I have to make.
I dunno, should I just go ahead and order two skeins? If I get the Violet ones (named after Miss Violet and Miss Lime from the Lime & Violet podcast) then some of the proceeds will go to them and help pay for Miss Violet’s medical expenses… so I’d be doing a good thing, right??
I soooooooo want that yarn! What do I do?

I should probably add that I have just spent a bit under $100 in the past two days (shopping spree ^-^;;;). Not all of it went on yarn though! I got my sister, my niece and Oliver’s sister their birthday presents. And like $10 of the amount spent went towards food…

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  1. Julia says:

    But but but, how many? One, two?


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