First AG seminar..

Yup, so because of the mix-up last week, today we had two seminars taught in one. Was a tad strange..
But Oh. My. God.
My tutor just does not respect personal space! I mean, I kept having to lean back in my chair and have my back against a hot radiator just to get some distance. Then afterwards I asked the girl next to me of what she thought and she said that she was afraid that he’d swing into her (tutor was on a swivel chair). So next week, definitely sitting at the other end of the room.
And on a side note, he seems gay. Don’t know if he is, but he seems like it. Very effeminate voice anyway.

university life

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One Response to First AG seminar..

  1. Basal says:

    Who on eatrh are you. You are clearly bonkers.


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