The A-Z of me

A – Accent: Leaning towards American when I speak English..
B – Breakfast Item: Either muesli or tea & toast
C – Chore you hate: Funny thing is, I’ve started to like cleaning.. but right now it’s picking up after my flatmates. They just don’t know how to keep the kitchen tidy.. let alone clean. >_<
D – Dad’s Name: Petri
E – Essential everyday item: My phone
F – Flavor ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s Peace of Cake
G – Gold or Silver?: White Gold.. but if that’s too expensive then I prefer silver
H – Happy Place: In Oliver’s arms ^_^
I – Insomnia: Only when I’ve had too much caffeine
J – Job-Love or Want to Leave: Not working right now, unless you count being a student as working..
K – Kids: Don’t have ’em..
L – Living arrangements: Sharing a flat with seven others while I’m at school, when I’m not I’m either at home with my parents & sisters or over at Oliver’s
M – Mom’s birthplace: Er… Jarvenpaa? I don’t know! ;_;
N – Number of lovers you’ve had: One
O – Overnight hospital stays: None that I can remember.. but I’m guessing I stayed in a hospital when I was born. XP
P – Phobia: High places.. don’t want to plummet to my death. O_O But if it’s got like loads of safety rails that’ll stop me from falling, then I’m okay. ^_^
Q – Question: Where will I live next year??
R – Religious Affiliation: Lutheran
S – Siblings: Two younger sisters, one older half sister (but still considered as a whole sister), one adopted younger one… does Oliver’s sister count here too?
T – Time you wake up: When I feel like it.. usually between 10:30 and 1pm. Unless I’ve got an early class, then I wake up at 8:15. ^-^
U – Unnatural hair colors you’ve had: Only dyed my hair once with orange-y streaks.. which didn’t really show up anyway. XD
V – Vegetable you refuse to eat: Uhm.. dunno.. I’m willing to try everything at least once
W – Worst habit: procrastination?
X – X-rays you’ve had: 2; one when I broke my arm and another when I had pneumonia & bronchitis
Y – Yummy: yes please! Whatcha got? 😀
Z – Zodiac sign: Cancer

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