Idiot grading policies…

I am so ticked off right now (and it doesn’t help that I’m sick).

My French teacher just told me that the department has this policy that they can’t give grades above 85-90%. Okay, I’m cool with that as long as the other students get treated the same way. And my teacher agrees. But if he demands the same standard of grades from them, they’ll all fail. So it’s not fair that I’m being graded differently than the ones who don’t speak any French. Future employers won’t know the difference between my pretty good French 76% and a beginner’s 51%. All they’ll see are the numbers.
I’m gonna go complain. My personal tutor’s gonna get an earful.. as will the heads of dept. I’m not gonna blame my tutor (it’s not her fault), but she should help me! At least this way I’ll know that I tried to do something about it. Maybe I should start to protest by failing on purpose or something…

injustice, unfair, grading

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1 Response to Idiot grading policies…

  1. Julia says:

    That’s exactly my point! I should get 100% at BASIC French if I’ve earned it. If it were Advanced French, I wouldn’t be complaining about it..


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