Lovely Monday sched..

Well, just when I thought my Mondays were bad enough (from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.) the listening skills part of French is being moved to 9 a.m. from it’s 1 p.m. position on Friday! Luuuuuuurvely. *rolls eyes* But at least the rest of my week is fairly easy. ^-^
Like today and tomorrow, nothing. No classes. Gives me time to complete assignments for Writer’s Art and Study of English seminars.
So for Friday I have to write 250 words worth of descriptive prose. Should be simple enough. I’ve already done all the observations I need for it, now I just gotta write it out. That is, if the teacher approves of my idea. I wasn’t so sure it was exactly what he wanted so I e-mailed him and asked. No reply yet..
I thought I was going to get the list of possible essay topics yesterday at the lecture but the guy didn’t give us any! Mih.. I wanted to start thinking of stuff to write about. I won’t be getting any work done this weekend so a headstart would’ve been nice…..

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