To go or not to go? That seems to be the question…

Well.. I still don’t know when I’m going to Belgium. I called my dad today and he said that he’ll call me tomorrow.. This is getting really annoying. I mean, I’m not like my parents. I’d like to know at least two weeks in advance what I’m doing. But noooooooo.. still no clue. I might be going over to Brussels on Saturday, I might not. I’ll know tomorrow.
In a way, it’d be good if I didn’t go back this weekend because then I could open a bank account here before uni starts. I need to hand in a filled out DirectDebit form to a British bank account or have the whole amount to cover the costs of tuition & accommodation ready before term starts. If not, they won’t let me attend. So… if I stay here, my parents could mail me my UCAS papers where it says that I’ve confirmed my place in Aberystwyth which I’ll use to open a student account at NatWest or HSBC or something.
Plus, I’d get to spend more time with Oliver. ^_^
Then again, I want to go back to Belgium so I can see what things I want to take with me to Aberystwyth. I know I want my stereo but I’m not gonna take my whole CD collection or my entire wardrobe or make-up collection. So before I go over to Wales in September, I want to go back to Brussels for at least a few days. (And that way I’d get to catch up on things with Auri..)
Apparently, there’s a sports week thingy in Aberystwyth for the first year students starting on the 20th of September. A decision has to be made by the 9th.. I might go. Don’t know yet. Sounds like fun though.. we’ll see… ^-^

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1 Response to To go or not to go? That seems to be the question…

  1. Julia says:

    Well.. it’s not really a matter of following my heart, it’s more to do with money. Right now, I don’t have any to go anywhere. Totally dependent on my dad since the little that I have managed to earn this past year is going to pay for my accommodation at uni. XD
    But as long as I have some place to stay, I’m not complaining. ^-^


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