For Sale Patterns

Instant Human mitts 4.00 GBP
I chat a bit about these in this post.


Poinsettia 2.00 GBP
How this scarf came to be.


Sade 2.50 GBP
Chattering on about the wonderful Malabrigo and how it just had to be a hat in this post.


Sade mittens 2.50 GBP
A bit more about the mittens made to match the Sade hat.


Bashful Butterflies 4.50 GBP
Here’s the blog post about the shawlette


Berry Berry Mitts 3.00 GBP
The post for these mitts is here.


Caterpillar Mitts 3.00 GBP
More about the mitts.


Sinikka 4.50 GBP

Desert Rose Shawl 4.50 GBP


Two mitts patterns in What (Else) Would Madame Defarge Knit?
What (else) Would Madame Defarge Knit?


Free Patterns

Owl Mittens (link to pattern PDF)
I talk about these mittens in this post.

Purple Purl
No post about these (wonder how that slipped by me?), but the pattern was released mid-September 2011 and to download the PDF, just click on the name above.


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