Mrs Beeton and podcasts

I have just finished my first pair of Mrs Beetons! Yay! o/
They’re really pretty. I did have to modify the pattern just a bit to suit the yarn I wanted to use and I had to leave out the beads. But I think they look great. 🙂
I will put up a picture, eventually, along with a pic of the scarf I made for Marissa.
The pattern for the Mrs Beetons (they’re wristwarmers, I just noticed I hadn’t actually explained what they were) can be found in the archives and it’s by a woman called Brenda Dayne.

And she, this is the cool part, has a podcast about knitting! I’ve just spent all weekend downloading various podcasts and so far, hers is the one I’ve listened to the most. It’s called Cast On. And through her, I found Quirky Nomads, another interesting podcast. 🙂
I’ve also found two podcasts of old horror stories from like the 1920s and 30s and so on. “The Moneky’s Paw” is really good. As a story I mean. They’re all good podcasts, but so far the monkey story is the best I’ve heard. Sort of reminds me of Poe’s stuff.

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