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Baby Got Book

Just found a really funny video on someone’s blog. It’s called Baby Got Book.. That just put a grin on my face. Just scroll down to Jan 31st and you’ll see it. ^_^ video, christian rap, baby got book

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A girly-girl meme this time..

01. DO YOU HAVE ON A LOT OF MAKE-UP? As in right now? None. 02. HOW MUCH DO YOU PUT ON? Usually just some eyeliner and mascara does it for me. Some lipstick/lipgloss if I feel like finding the right … Continue reading

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The A-Z of me

A – Accent: Leaning towards American when I speak English.. B – Breakfast Item: Either muesli or tea & toast C – Chore you hate: Funny thing is, I’ve started to like cleaning.. but right now it’s picking up after … Continue reading

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Oh dear me..

I was reading Customers_Suck when I came across this one post. It had a link to a bunch of teens ordering 103 cheeseburgers. o.o;;; Here’s the clip to it. Last night I got a video clip from Oliver.. now the … Continue reading

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Not a nerd! o/

Okies, so I just took a test to determine my nerd quotient. And like I said in a comment on Ryan’s blog, nerd , geek and dork are not the same thing. quiz, personality test, meme, nerd test

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