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Merry Christmas!

Okay, leaving today, don’t know when I’ll be able to get online next so I just thought I’d say it now. Merry Christmas! I’ll be back as soon as I can. ^-^ Christmas, updates, greetings

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They’re done!

Go me. I’ve now gotten all my school work done that’s due on the 9th. o/ No need to worry about will it get lost in the mail or anything like that. Now I can relax during my holiday. ^-^ … Continue reading

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Blind dates or going online?

I just read an interesting article on Yahoo about blind dating coming back into fashion. It made a good point about the possibility about meeting creeps online and how at least with a blind date you can be sure that … Continue reading

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Mermaids and Intellect…

the WistfulYou scored 60% Seductiveness and 56% Playfulness! The day-dreamer. You can be happy, in a sense, but there is always something missing. What is it that you’re missing? the Wistful is constantly searching for that, often emerging from beneath … Continue reading

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Well, tomorrow’s the inspection. And now my room smells like puke. Lovely. -_-;; It’s the vacuum’s fault. Well, technically it’s who ever used the vacuum to clean up vomit that’s at fault, but still. So now my back’s freezing because … Continue reading

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Icky black goop has taken over my shower mat

Not nice at all. We’ve got an inspection on Tuesday and this time they check the bedrooms as well as the kitchen. So I figured I might as well clean my bathroom today and then do the vacuuming and tidying … Continue reading

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Annoying neighbors some ppl have…

Well, I think I’m hooked on coffee now. I actually bought some Nescafe Gold blend or whatever it’s called. It came with free samplers so I figured why not? I’ll need caffeine in the future to keep me up when … Continue reading

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