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Colours and poker

Well, I lost. Oliver and I were playing poker.. betting with Monopoly money. Lost all 30 whatever the currency is. XD But I am getting better at it. At one point I had managed to win back all the “money” … Continue reading

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Planning my future wedding.. in a way..

I was asked an interesting question recently. Have I already begun to plan my wedding? Now that immediately assumes that I’ll get married some day. At one point, I was pretty sure that I didn’t want to get married. Just … Continue reading

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First time drunk, first time hungover..

I do not like being hungover. Seriously, the headache.. no matter how much fun I had at the BBQ, it’s not worth the results the next day. Now I’m fine though. Yesterday.. meh. According to Ryan, I looked like I … Continue reading

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Behind in German…

Haven’t listened to Pimsleur’s German for a few days. Tsk tsk. But at least we’re one ninth done. They had us repeat the one of the worst sentences ever: “jetzt nichts essen”. I can’t do that in the normal speed … Continue reading

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Silent Hill 2

We finished playing Silent Hill 2 a few days ago. Got the “Leave” ending. Was pretty much what I expected it to be, after playing Silent Hill and Silent Hill 4. There were two things that got me by surprise. … Continue reading

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Weird coincidence..

Yesterday Oliver and I went to Rotherham to get more Pimsleur language courses from the library and to find a coloring book. I guess it’s that time of year again, when different charities try to get others to sign up … Continue reading

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Short summary of my days here in England..

Donated blood two hours ago. No wooziness. Good good. It was a pretty simple process really. Just fill out a form, answer some questions, tell them my name and birth date a dozen times and then just let them suck … Continue reading

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